Joshua Gladwin

Junior Python Developer

Well hello there!

Welcome to my website! I'm a Geek and lover of Science living in Berlin, and I try to find interesting ways to use Python in scientific applications, such as in Astronomy and Medicine. Also, look at  my cat Sulu. My cat, Sulu, perched on a small white table, staring intently towards me.

I’m most recently working as a Junior Software Developer in a small development team for BlueCanvas - dipping my fingers into all areas of the software stack, from Vue on the front-end to Python in the back-end.

Previously I interned remotely as a Data Science Intern for Soho Strategy, responsible for building and maintaining scrapers, data pipelines, as well as transforming data.

Alongside all this I’ve been studying a part-time MSc in Artificial Intelligence with the University of Bath. My bachelor’s degree was in Japanese and Chinese, so I’ve made somewhat of a segue into coding since! I like to think that the diversity in my academic career demonstrates my versatility, and my interest and love for languages and linguistics has informed and directed a lot of my personal and academic exploration of computer science, especially in AI.

Outside tech, languages and STEM, I'm passionate about getting involved in my community and trying to make the world a better place. My husband and I developed the LobbyALord platform which helped get the UK's same-sex marriage bill through the House of Lords. It was so effective, thanked by the Prime Minister for it. I'm politically active - I was heavily involved in the campaign to keep the UK in the EU, running a campaign hub in Central London on the day of the referendum. I also deeply care about LGBT+ and Mental Health issues.

If I sound like the sort of person you're looking for,




Python, Flask, Typescript, Go, GraphQL, Luigi, Celery, Scrapy


Vue 2, Typescript, HTML, CSS, Javascript


MySQL, SQLAlchemy


Git, Salesforce, Terraform (basics), Docker, Jetbrains IntelliJ


Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly, scikit-learn, NLTK, SpaCy, SciPy, Jupyter Notebooks, PyCharm


Django, Tableau, Astropy


(British) English
Level: Native

Level: B2

Level: B2

Level: B1

Mandarin Chinese
Level: B1


Germany's vaccinations... as a progress bar!

Two blue progress bars, showing the percentages of people partially and fully vaccinated in Germany. A line graph showing how the number of vaccinations in Germany has evolved over time.

Back in very late 2020, I started working on the Vaccination Progress site which used COVID-19 data from the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Ministry of Health to produce a very simple progress bar for the whole of Germany.
After the initial vaccination and booster drives, I stopped the daily updates in April 2022, but the site remains up for posterity!

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